Docker for Software Developers


Microservice Architectures, DevOps, and Continuous Integration with Containers, Docker, and Jenkins.

Containers are a powerful tool for developing and managing software. When combined with DevOps practices, it is possible for organizations to efficiently deliver applications and services at high velocity.

This book introduces containers and the most popular tool for their management: Docker. You will work with the core technologies provided by Docker for container management and apply them to the software development lifecycle as you package a custom application and test it using a Continuous Integration pipeline.

Topics covered include: containers, Docker command line tools, building container images, networking, storage, and orchestrating multi-container systems using Docker Compose. In addition to Docker, you will also get experience with supporting systems such as Jenkins and GitLab that can be used to automate the building and deployment of Docker images as part of a continuous integration environment.

This is a digital edition (PDF).