Evolving Architectures



Notes On Implementing Microservices and DevOps With Containers

Much has changed in technology over the past decade. Software now touches every industry and powers more process than ever before. To stay relevant, organizations increasingly need to deliver digital products and services quickly and efficiently.

That's where the challenges start, though. Because the ways in which we build and deliver software has also changed, it can be easy to become lost in the buzzwords. As an example, consider some of the current best practice recommendations: "Create cloud native solutions using DevOps practices! Leverage Microservice architectures and compose them into complex solutions! Put everything in containers!"

Cloud native? DevOps? Microservices? Containers? What are these things?

Looking for a dictionary to help interpret the buzzwords? This white paper is your guide. We will look will look at two of the most important trends -- Microservices and DevOps -- and discuss their principles and practices. We will then look at how container technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, can be used to put those strategies into practice.

Target Platform: Kubernetes